Bringing your new cat home

Feb 21, 2024

So you’ve chosen your new kitten or are re-homing an older cat, here are a few pointers to making them at home and part of the family.

Make a shopping list of essentials

  • Food & water bowl
  • Wet or Dry food (If you are changing their food once they are home take the time to do it gradually to avoid upset tummies, this can be done by mixing their original food with the new and increasing over time) Little BigPaw Complete Cat Food is perfect for all age ranges
  • Litter Tray, liners, scoop & litter (it is worth asking what is being used already as they will be familiar with the texture)
  • Cat Bed – igloos or donut beds are great for hiding and curling up in
  • Scratching Posts can avoid damage to your furniture
  • Toys – interactive toys like fishing poles are great for getting to know your new pet ! Small toys like catnip mice are good for when they are alone.
  • Brush – your new cats coat will determine which brush is suitable
  • Cat Carrier – very important for vets visits
  • Make a microchipping appointment with your local vet or pet store – this can avoid delay in returning your pet should they go missing – ask at any pet store or veterinary surgery for more details.

Now take a look around your home

Your new cat will be inquisitive so look at it from your Kittys point of view.

  • Secure any loose wires
  • Make sure rubbish bins have secure lids
  • Remove toxic plants – this article from the Cats Protection is a handy guide
  • Be wary of leaving second floor windows wide open
  • Provide a room or safe bolt hole for your new cat as they may be nervous when they arrive, this will make them feel more secure

You’ve completed all your preparations and the big day has finally arrived for bringing your new cat home. Although everyone is excited, it’s probably better not to make this a big family event. Your new cat will probably be stressed enough without a bunch of people competing for his attention, especially if you have young children in the home.

Give your cat the time and gentle attention he needs to make himself at home and your new member of the family will fit right in!

Cats have big characters. They also have big energy requirements, fast metabolisms and burn energy at a fast rate. Just like the big cats of the wild, they are carnivores so they need high levels of meat to ensure maximum health.

For cats a high percentage of meat is not just desirable: it is essential. There is no doubt that the higher the meat content; the better it is for the health of the cat.