Our Story

Little BigPaw was founded by Big Dave and Little Jim. Dave and Jim have been involved in the Pet Trade all their working lives. They are also big pet lovers: David has 2 spoilt cats and Jim has 2 crazy dogs.

In the beginning...

They both wanted the very best for their pets so they fed them on the very best food: nutritious, natural, super-premium quality in a dry kibble. Every day they fed the same dry kibble but every day they felt they should be feeding their best pals something a little more interesting. Afterall, who wants a bowl of the same dry kibble every day?

Could they not find something just as good that was fresher, looked better and tasted better but was still just as nutritious? It seemed not and for many years they were both mixing fresh meat or fish with the kibble to make it more appetising.

They met other pet owners who did the same.

Then one day they decided to do something about it.They set about designing a range of foods that were tastier than anything else available but still provided optimum nutrition.

Big Dave and Little Jim consulted leading nutritionists, visited the very best factories and tested recipes using only the finest, tastiest ingredients.

By combining lots of fresh meat, natural local ingredients, expert advice and years of experience Big Dave and Little Jim developed a range of wet foods that provided not only nutritional excellence but also Big taste.

Little BigPaw was born