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    Tailored dry cat food for characters. Crafted with top-notch natural ingredients and expertly balanced for all cats. Your cat will adore the big taste in every kibble.
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    100% Natural, grain-free complete dry cat food

    Make you feline friend happy, healthy and full with Little BigPaw's Dry Cat Food selection, proudly crafted in the UK to meet the discerning tastes of your furry companion. Our grain-free recipes boast a high protein, high meat content formula that mirrors the diet of wild cats, ensuring optimal health and vitality.

    Each crunchy bite is packed with natural goodness, free from artificial additives and fillers, to provide a wholesome meal that satisfies your cat's carnivorous instincts. For an extra treat, pair our dry cat food with our equally delicious wet cat food pouches, offering a range of succulent flavours to tantalize your cat's taste buds.

    Indulge your cat with a diet that promotes overall well-being and supports their active lifestyle. Complement our dry cat food with our wet cat food options for a balanced and varied meal plan that keeps your cat purring with contentment.

    Choose Little BigPaw for a cat food experience that's as natural and nutritious as it is delicious – because every cat deserves the best, straight from the heart of the UK.

    Our all life stage range includes Kitten , Adult and Senior recipes – designed to purrfectly meet the dietary needs of your cat at every stage of its life.

    Don’t take our word for it read our reviews or our excellent veterinary endorsement by Dr Venetta Kozhuharova DVM,MRCVS, CERT.CFVHNUT