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    Cats have big characters. They also have big energy requirements, fast metabolisms and burn energy at a fast rate. Just like the big cats of the wild, they are carnivores so they need high levels of meat to ensure maximum health.

    14 products
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    100% Natural Cat Food

    Satisfy your feline's cravings with Little BigPaw's premium cat food range, including both wet and dry options. Our meticulously crafted recipes, developed in collaboration with leading nutritionists, ensure a diet tailored to your cat's needs.

    Indulge your cat's carnivorous instincts with our wet cat food pouches, brimming with high protein and high meat content goodness. Made locally in the UK with the finest natural ingredients, each pouch offers a delicious and nutritious meal that your cat will adore.

    For cats with character, our dry cat food provides a crunchy delight packed with wholesome goodness. Expertly balanced and naturally delicious, every kibble offers a big taste sensation that your cat won't be able to resist.

    Choose Little BigPaw for cat food that's as nutritious as it is delicious, and treat your feline friend to the best of both worlds.