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    Our range of British made wet compete foods and treats are designed to provide optimum nutrition and Big taste for your dog.
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    100% Natural and Made In the UK

    Welcome to Little BigPaw's Dog Food category, where tails wag with anticipation and taste buds dance with delight. From tantalizing treats to sumptuous wet dog food options, our collection offers everything your canine companion needs for a happy and healthy diet.

    Indulge your dog with our delectable treats, crafted with premium ingredients and bursting with flavour. Whether it's a reward for good behaviour or just because, our treats are sure to get those tails wagging with excitement.

    For mealtime, explore our range of wet dog food, or wet dog food for small dogs made with the same dedication to quality and nutrition as our treats.

    From succulent meats to nutritious vegetables, each pouch is packed with goodness to keep your dog healthy and satisfied.