Christmas with our pets

Feb 21, 2024

While we are indulging in festive fun, Christmas can hold a few hazards for our furry friends. Avoid a trip to the vets by following our guide to a few of the dangers, making sure that we all have a very Merry Christmas !

Chocolate is severely poisonous to cats and dogs and should never be fed, keep chocolate out of reach including wrapped presents/ selection boxes and hanging Christmas tree chocolate. These can present too much temptation as they contain tasty, but deadly theobromine. Ask at your vets or local pet store for dog and cat friendly chocolate or a buy bag of their favourite treats

Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings whilst we find these treats irresistible they contain grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas which are toxic to dogs.

Tinsel might look like a lot of fun to play with and a great photo opportunity, but, if eaten can cause blockages in an animal’s stomach and an emergency trip to the vets is never fun.

Snow Globes unfortunately some snow globes can contain antifreeze – as little as one tablespoon can be fatal for a cat.

Candles – who doesn’t love a Christmas candle ! and we all know never to leave a burning candle unattended but for our pets there can be something mesmerizing about that flickering flame. Candle flames can burn paws and noses of curious cats and dogs. There is also the risk of them knocking a candle over so be “flame aware” this Christmas.

Fairy Lights – Cats are curious and will try to chew on anything, including fairy lights – which can burn and even electrocute them. As always unplug your lights when leaving the house.

Alcohol – as little as a tablespoon can cause problems for your cat or dog, never leave alcoholic drinks unattended and reachable.

As you would with any child, treat your pet with the same caution, anything that can be eaten or chewed needs placing out of reach and if your pet has gotten hold of something they shouldn’t, call or visit your vet immediately.

It may be tempting to “Treat” your pet with a Christmas Dinner or over indulge them with Festive fudge but an upset tummy is no fun for anyone !!!!  Stock up on Cat & Dog treats or a Turkey Recipe Complete Cat or Dog food that is specifically tailored for our pets tummies, they will love you for it.

And remember few sensible precautions over the Festive period will ensure you and your pets have a wonderful, hazard free Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Little BigPaw Team