Is your Cat or Dog the coolest on the block

Feb 16, 2024

Follow our tips for keeping your cat or dog cool …..

1. If feeding wet food, be sure to keep it in a cool room, in the shade, to ensure it stays fresh and tasty for your pet. Also ensure cool drinking water is readily available.

2. Protect your dogs feet, if the pavement is too hot for your hand then your dog will suffer, causing burns on tender paws. Protect with Paw Wax or Doggie Boots – found at most good pet stores. Alternatively walk first thing in the morning or later at night avoiding the hottest parts of the day. 

2. A great way to keep your dog cool is to freeze some Little BigPaw Complete Food for Small and Toy Breed dogs in a Kong. It makes the perfect doggy ice cream!

3. Lay out a cool, wet towel in the shade for your dog or cat to sit on.

4. If planning to get out and about to enjoy the weather, if your dog is coming too, take a collapsible water bowl so that you can offer them a drink in the shade. (Also, our New Oven Baked Treats are the perfect accompaniment to a weekend walk!)

5. For cat parents, with a white or light coloured cat… keep an eye on them if they do go out to sunbathe, as these coloured cats are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

6. Never leave your dog or cat in the car on a hot day, even with the window open it is still extremely dangerous. 

Finally, enjoy the long, sunny, holidays !