National Check the Chip Day

Feb 21, 2024

When it comes to our cats and dogs, we take great care to keep them safe and healthy, with good quality collars, leads and harnesses, premium food, soft beds and blankets. So when it comes to microchipping our pets most of us are on the ball. This quick and painless procedure can be done at your vets or local pet store and works by inserting a tiny chip inside the animal’s body. If you should get separated from your pet and they are later found they are scanned and this means the pet can be reunited with it’s owner quickly. causing less stress to all involved !

Celebrating Check the Chip Day

Join Little BigPaw in celebrating National Check the Chip Day. Always microchip puppies and kittens, your vet will recommend when the best age for this is. If you have already microchiped your pet pop into the vets or pet store and ask them to check on your chip ( these can occasionally work their way out) and make sure your details are registered and up to date on the manufacturers database. Moving house or changing contact numbers and emails are a common reason owners cannot be reached should your pet be found and scanned.

So keep your pet safe and Check that Chip !