Oldies Club Sponsorship Update

Feb 16, 2024

Dear Little BigPaw,”Hello from Jazz, your Oldies Club sponsor dog. I thought it would be nice to let you know what I have been getting up to over the past few months. I would like to begin by thanking you again for sponsoring me. It really means so much when people care enough to think about old dogs like me, who don’t often get a second chance. I am very happy in my forever foster home and so grateful to the Oldies Club and my foster family for looking after me in my old age.

Although I am slowing down now and have some arthritis creeping into my hind legs, I am still in fine fettle for my age. My selective hearing is still fully operational and of course I will do absolutely anything for food! My fosterers have always loved my love for exploring and I really enjoy discovering new places, especially woodland and anywhere with long grass which I always run through like a lunatic! They say that I am such good company when we go away in their caravan for a few days that they always leave their children behind!

My fosterers say I am a wonderful ambassador for my breed, with exceptional manners and happy to tuck myself under a table when they decide to rest and sample the local Wiltshire ales .My latest protest however is a street walk. During the wet winter months, we occasionally stayed away from our local walks to pound the streets instead. This is no longer acceptable in my eyes and so I either refuse to walk or complain by plodding along at a snail’s pace. My fosterers were initially concerned that I was in pain, but soon realised it was just me protesting, as amazingly I can run like the wind and still act like a puppy when I am taken to the park and let off lead!

My fosterers say they feel privileged to have been caring for me for the past 4 years or so, even though I had so many issues when they first started to foster me. However, they say I am valued and loved by every member of their family and they continue to learn and grow, just as I do. They say I am real proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks, with hard work and complete dedication to my emotional recovery and consider themselves to be truly privileged to be part of this journey with me.

Well that’s it for now, thanks again for being my sponsor pal!”