Rainy Day Blues

Feb 21, 2024
Nobody likes going out in the rain but do you struggle to get your dog to go out ? 
It is understandable that your dog will want to stay in his warm, dry bed rather than face the elements to use the toilet so here are a few tips to make toilet breaks less of a chore. 
  •  Going outside should always be an enjoyable experience for your dog – even when it is raining.
  •  It is easier to enforce this idea when the weather is not completely awful.
  •  Choose a time when the rain is light and spend some time playing or walking with your dog to get them used to a drizzle.
  •  Your dog will get used to wet grass and rain easier if you treat them while outside.
  •  When it is time to go outside use an action word like “QUICK” or “HURRY” to encourage them to do their business, no wandering or sniffing.
  • Say the word again while they are doing their business and immediately praise them when finished, whilst encouraging them back into the house for a treat.
  •  Always have a raincoat ready for a toilet break with your dog – you can’t expect them to go outside if you don’t, so lead by example. 
  •  Take a short walk when it’s raining, this can help to get your dog used to rainy days.
  •  If your dog really does hate the rain, try investing in a raincoat to make it more bearable for him.
  •  Remember to treat your dog when he has completed the toilet break or walk in the rain, there is no better incentive for a reluctant dog !