Ultimate guide to taking your dog on holiday

Feb 16, 2024

We all love a Great British holiday, and more of you are taking your dog on holiday with you. Why wouldn’t you want to share the excitement with your four legged friend ?

With many pubs, restaurants and places to visit which are pet friendly our dogs can accompany us almost anywhere !

To make your holiday a memorable and enjoyable one with your pet or if you are leaving them in the care of a responsible person , check out our guide to a great holiday below.

A bit of fore-thought goes a long way…….

  • Check out your holiday destination for dog friendly ideas, whether visiting beaches or eating out take a look at www.dogfriendly.co.uk for loads of UK options.
  • Many animals find travel stressful and the change of scenery can unnerve them, if your pet gets overly stressed you may find a better option is to leave them with a minder or kennel
  • If your pet is on medication or special diet, stock up – a mad dash to replenish stocks is not ideal when you don’t know the area very well
  • Make sure your vaccinations , flea and worming treatment is up to date
  • As well as microchipping, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with name tag including your name and contact details as if they do wander off they can be reunited with you as quickly as possible
  • Make sure you take the essentials : a dog bed, preferably the one they use at home, complete with doggy smell will make them feel secure, water and food bowl, lead, poo bags (very important – always pick up after your dog !) and last but not least your dogs usual food making sure you have enough for the whole holiday.
  • And finally – take the stress out of your holiday by getting organised and taking your dog on holiday with you to enjoy some family time Happy Holidays from Little BigPaw !!