Watch out, Watch out, there’s a Hedgehog about!

Feb 16, 2024

The nights are drawing in and daylight hours are getting shorter, meaning garden visitors have fewer hours to feed in. You can help the local wildlife by keeping bird feeders and water bowls filled up and if you are lucky enough to have a visiting Hedgehog, now is the perfect time to feed them as they will be getting ready to hibernate for the winter and need to put on a bit of weight to get them through the winter months. Never feed bread or milk as this can upset their digestion, specialist Hedgehog feed can be bought but did you know that Hedgehogs can eat wet cat or dog food – meat flavours only, not fish and cat biscuits are also popular.

Always provide fresh drinking water and enjoy your wildlife as they quickly get to know where a regular supply of food can be found. With the UK Hedgehog population in decline every little helps to support this fascinating species.