Why does my cat ………… ?

Feb 16, 2024

Ever wondered why your cat does that thing ?  Learn a little more about your feline friend.

Why does my cat make kneading movements ?


When your cat makes kneading movements on you or other (usually soft surfaces) pressing his paws into you and massaging back and forth, it stems from when your cat was a kitten nursing, the action encouraged milk production. As an adult the this can indicate that he is happy or is calming himself and you are his Mommy substitute.


Why does my cat squeeze himself into tight spaces ?


We never get tired of a cats ability to squeeze into the tightest spaces, that super comfy brand new cat bed is never as appealing as the box it came in !! Small spaces can make your cat feel more secure and protected, this stems back to their natural instinct to protect themselves and the need to observe their surroundings from a safe place.


Why does my cat make a funny chattering noise ?


You may have heard your cat make a funny chattering noise when they have spotted a bird outside the window, this excitable behaviour can stem from a desire to hunt and frustration or excitement and is normal for your cat to display.


Why does my cat rub his head on me ?


Your cat is showing affection or saying hello when he rubs his head on you or “butts” you for attention. It is essentially his way of showing ownership over you as pheromones are released and he is doing to you as he would to furniture marking his territory, basically, he is happy that you belong to him !


Why does my cat leave me little “Presents”


You may not enjoy this cat habit, finding dead mice and birds on the doorstep for you to inspect is a natural instinct for a cat. Your cat is actually making you a member of his group and sharing his kill with you. Attaching a bell to his collar can make it more difficult for him to hunt alerting the prey to his presence.


Why does my cat stare at me ?


Cats are the masters of the stare, usually simply to get your attention, if the stare is intense it may be that they are unsure of a person or situation, staring back directly at your cat can be seen as an act of aggression so should be avoided.


A slow blink is your cats way of telling you that they like and trust you, try slow blinking back at them and you may be rewarded with more of the same.


Why does my cat come “Alive” at night ?


So it’s 3 O’clock in the morning and disturbing your slumber is that great ball of fluff, your cat has decided it is full of beans and wants to play ! Most cats spend the day snoozing and come alive at night, mirroring their nocturnal instincts to hunt during the night and release the energy conserved during the day.


Entertaining your cat during the day or providing enrichment toys and climbing scratchers can use up some of that energy and avoid that mad tearing through the house in the dead of night. Feeding before you go to bed as part of their usual allowance can also help settle them down and a full belly can curb the desire to hunt.


Why does my cat want to sit on my things ?

 Papers, laptops, piles of ironing your cat will love to make a bed out of all or any of these. Your cat knows he will get some attention with this habit and may be leaving his scent as a way of claiming his territory and you as part of his pack.


Why is my cat obsessed with knocking things off surfaces ?

We have all watched while the cat has decided that he doesn’t like that particular item you have just placed on the table and quietly and confidently gives it a shove and knocks it to the floor. This is simply down to curiosity or boredom, you may not but he finds it entertaining. Stimulating him with toys may distract him from this.


Why does my cat drink from the tap ?

Cats can be fascinated by running tap water, you have provided a water bowl but he prefers to drink from the tap. In the wild your cat would have chosen to drink from running water sources rather than a stagnant pond that could cause stomach upsets and it could be, he is being careful by instinct.