Why does my dog ……..?

Feb 16, 2024

Ever wondered why your dog does that thing ?  Learn a little more about man’s best friend.

Why does my dog stare at me while he goes to the toilet ?

We’ve all been there, your dog squats to go poop and locks your eyes with his, awkward for us but this serves a purpose as in the wild dogs are vunerable when going to the toilet, your dog is effectively using you as a lookout for predators.

Why does my dog get the “Zoomies” ?

Racing round and round is your dogs way of showing pleasure, whether he has just been to the toilet, or is out on a walk, his sheer expression of excitement is a way of releasing their inner happiness !

Why does my dog sniff other dogs bums ?

We may find it disgusting but it is purely a way of dogs saying hello, making friends and also finding out if a female is on heat. All perfectly natural to a dog.

Why does my dog chase his tail ?

It can be quite amusing when excitability ends with tail chasing but take care this does not become a bad habit as it can be linked to boredom and lead to tail damage. Try distracting your dog with a toy or game if this is a continued pastime for your dog. Using treat orientated games are a great way of training and distraction.

Why does my dog bark in his sleep ?

Twitching, whimpering, growling and moving their legs as if they are running while they are asleep are all down to your dog having a wonderful dream according to scientific studies of dogs brainwaves. We hope they are dreaming of chasing rabbits and a being presented with a big juicy bone !!

Why does my dog pant ?

Dogs can’t sweat through their skin as we do because of their thick fur coats so they sweat through their pads and nose, panting to increase the airflow allows a dogs body to cool down.

Excessive and prolonged panting can indicate heatstroke, pain or stress and should always be checked with a vet.